Birthday Party Advice

The special day is round the corner and you should start planning the event a fortnight or so before the special event. You should ensure that you plan everything perfectly for the birthday of your child. This includes finding a suitable venue for hosting the event, in case your backyard is not big enough. Apart from this, you have to purchase gifts for your loved ones and return gifts for his friends. Once you have decided on the venue, it is time to get invitation cards printed and mailed to his friends. You also have to prepare a menu, suitable for the young guests, select an appropriate birthday cake and place the order in advance so that you get it on the special day.

What is a birthday party?

The birthday is the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration, and the giving of gifts. While grown ups celebrate this event along with their family members, friends, and colleagues, this occasion is the appropriate moment for kids to invite their friends and enjoy different types of games with them. One can select from a wide range of themes to celebrate the birthday for a child, and it includes decorating the venue with lights, and calling a disk jockey for providing musical entertainment for the gathering. On the one hand, parties for kids are a lively event, full of fun and frolic for the invitees with lots of games thrown in, and offering guests with return gifts. On the other hand, it is a different scenario altogether regarding company party ideas, which tend to be sober, and in which alcoholic drinks are typically included.

Preparations for the party

Do not forget to hire a disk jockey to liven the occasion. Apart from this, you should include several games such as musical chairs for the event. Time and budget permitting, hire a magician too, as they tend to be favourites with kids. You can easily enhance the fun of the party by opting for a thematic birthday party. Your best option is to get in touch with event management companies, as this provides you with time for other tasks. You only have to select a theme that meets your budget and leave the other jobs like printing and delivering cards, arranging favours, and preparing a suitable menu etc. to the professional. In fact, this method is cheaper when compared to the cost and time incurred had you attempted to have done it on your own.

Best theme for the party

Although you have the option of selecting from a wide range of themes, those based on cartoon characters are excellent for celebrating the birthday of kids below the age of 12. If you so want, you can also include the theme characters in the birthday card as well as in papers used for wrapping the favours. Some of the popular themes include:

- Tom & Jerry

- Aladdin (your child can be the genie)

- Barney

- Mickey Mouse

- Pokemon

Messy art party

You can also opt for `messy art party,' in which each invitee is a pastel, if you do not mind your kids and his guests ditching their nice clothes and getting messy by applying different types of non toxic paint on each other. Remember to mention this in bold letters on the invitation card.